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Do you remember doing your school assignment on Egypt and promising yourself that one day, you'd visit that mysterious, exotic land? Cath Graham discovers why now is the time to do it.   The pyramids and Sphinx are still beckoning travellers from all over the globe, but following the 2010

[URIS id=29576] Into the mountains If you’re a snow-lover, continue your passeggiata into the majestic Alps, opting for a tailor-made itinerary created by Tania Peccedi and her expert team at Ski Italy. Each luxury lodge or chalet is carefully selected to ensure it offers guests a taste

Blessed with unending coastlines, romantic landscapes and elegant towns, Marian McGuinness guides you through the temptations of Italy. Throughout Italy, la passeggiata is that magical moment of the evening when time is taken to relax, stroll and celebrate the wonders of the day. Embarking on our