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10 unique stays in Canada

10 unique stays in Canada

 From a night in an Ottawa cell to sleeping in the trees in BC or taking a spin in your room on PEI, Canada has accommodation almost too good to fall asleep in. With the help of Tourism Canada your trip is sure to be one of a kind. Read on for ten of the most extraordinary places to stay in Canada, guaranteed to ensure the sweetest of dreams and happiest of memories.


Blachford Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories

This wilderness lodge is so far from the everyday the only way to get there is by seaplane. Owner Mike Freeland loves to share his knowledge of the North with visitors, including Prince William, who stayed at the Lodge during the Royal Visit of Canada. As well as five rooms in the main lodge, there are five private cabins, allowing guests to truly relish the isolation.

Visit Blachford Lake Lodge’s website.


Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia

Take to the trees with Free Spirit Spheres, three suspended cocoons at Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island named Eve, Eryn and Melody. Each handcrafted sphere is nestled among the branches, a magical space where earth-bound cares dissolve with the wind. Although safely tethered by ropes, the spheres move with their tree hosts; the sensation, they say, is akin to be being rocked asleep.

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Ridgeback Lodge, New Brunswick

Glamping inside one of Ridgeback Lodge’s two Dream Domes is not the usual camping experience. With a king-sized bed, well-appointed bathroom, kitchenette and wood stove, each Dream Dome is a solitary haven complete with your own private Japanese hot tub. The two Dream Domes provide expansive views of the surrounding forest, and at night the star-filled sky makes the perfect backdrop for a dreamy slumber.

Visit Ridgeback Lodge’s website.


HI-Ottawa Jail

For the adventurous traveller looking for something quite different, try getting locked up for the night at the HI-Ottawa Jail. During your stint at HI-Ottawa Jail inmates can choose between a single jail cell, an eight-person shared cell or, for a little more comfort, doubles rooms are available with a kitchenette or bathroom. Included in your stay is a tour of the jail to learn about the heritage of one of Canada’s most haunted buildings as well as a complimentary breakfast.

Visit HI-Ottawa Jail’s website.


God’s Mountain Estate, British Columbia

What better way to enjoy nature than to sleep under the stars? At God’s Mountain Estate you can sleep under the night sky in complete luxury in their roofless room. Filled with bright colours, flowers and sunshine the roofless room contains a private hot tub, fireplace and an unforgettable experience.

Visit God’s Mountain Estate’s website.


Tundra Lodge, Manitoba

You’ll always be in the middle of the action at the Tundra Lodge. Mounted on wheels, this train-like hotel can move around the tundra at the start of each season in search of the best locations to see polar bears. Containing 32 rooms, the Tundra Lodge has a lounge area for relaxing, an outdoor viewing platform and a dining cart with sliding windows perfect for admiring the landscape and photography.

Visit Tundra Lodge’s website.

Canopée Lit in Sacré-Cœur, QC

Sleeping in a cabin at Canopée Lit will ignite your inner child. The cabins are scattered around the forest, perched in the trees and can sleep up to four people. For something a bit different Canopée Lit also lets you stay in a bubble high above the ground. The two-person glass domes get you feeling close to nature as you get the sensation of sleeping out in the open.

Visit Canopée Lit’s website.


Fantasyland Hotel, Saskatchewan

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending a night in ancient Rome, or sleeping aboard a Victorian coach then look no further than Fantasyland Hotel. Full of fun, themed rooms, guests can chill in an igloo, go on a safari or spend a night in Arabian luxury. Located within West Edmonton Mall, Fantasyland Hotel provides an array of dining options and activities to indulge in.

Visit Fantasyland Hotel’s website.


Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

Innkeeper Zita Cobb was born and raised on Fogo Island and is determined to share her homeland with visitors by creating a sanctuary that not only looks after her guests’ every need, but also respects the environment and honours local traditions. Each of the 29 guest suites reflects the culture of the island and the floor-to-ceiling windows provide unbeatable views of the harsh yet captivating landscape and North Atlantic Ocean.

Visit Fogo Island Inn’s website.


Around The Sea Rotating House, Prince Edward Island

What better way to soak up your surrounds than by staying in a rotating house. Perched by the sea, the whole house is built upon a rotating platform that allows you to wake up watching the sunrise and drift off in the evening to the sunset. The house rotates at a slow speed which means you won’t even feel that you are moving, and takes about 45 minutes to make a full rotation giving you plenty of time to enjoy views of the surrounding red-sand beach of Prince Edward Island National Park.

Visit Around The Sea’s website.