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Signature checks into…The Sanchaya Bintan

Signature checks into…The Sanchaya Bintan

Most luxury travelers who live in Singapore, or transit through the Lion City, are often on their way to resorts in Bali or Thailand. Few consider hopping on a ferry and heading over to the Indonesian island of Bintan, a destination not famous for its high-end accomodations. But Bintan has undergone a revival in the past couple of years and new properties have been coming online. With its spectacular setting, striking aesthetic, and bygone era charm, The Sanchaya Bintan  is helping to turn heads and shake up itineraries.

The facts

Traveller: C. James Dale
Room: One bedroom villa
Address: Jalan Gurindam Duabelas, Plot 5, Lagoi Bay, Sebong Lagoi, Tlk. Sebong, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29155, Indonesia
Date: October 2017
Best for: Secluded luxury beach escape that’s less than an hour by ferry from Singapore

The Signature factor

As with most winning luxury destinations, The Sanchaya Bintan succeeds in tying everything together to convey an overall feeling to its guests, one of an exclusive yet understated tropical retreat that oozes colonial cool. It’s something that’s noticeable everywhere, from the focal point of the hotel — the Great House — to the design of the rooms and villas, the pool and croquet lawn, or the sublime and sexy bar, with its egg-style chairs, vintage leather couches, old-fashioned ceiling fans, and assorted antiques & objets d’arts.

The concept

This hotel is far and away the belle of Bintan’s Lagoi Bay, and that’s a credit to the work done by its owner, Singapore-based Russian businesswoman Natalya Pavchinskaya, and Thailand’s P49 Deesign & Associates. Pavchinskaya has said she wanted to create an escape from the city, a place she (and others) could consider a second home. Her inspiration was the European Salons of the 18th and 19th centuries, but she’s also infused a strong Asian sensibility, with all furnishings handcrafted in Indonesia. And as her staff tell it, a number of the items you see in places such as the Dining Room, Library, and Bar are hers — mirrors, maps, eclectic light fixtures, brass instruments, and various antiques. The colour palette is limited, relying on a mixture of black and white (for tiles, cushions, cups, exteriors – roof vs. facade), browns (woods and leathers), and grey.


First impressions

The journey begins upon arrival at Bintan’s BBT ferry terminal, where Sanchaya staff greet guests and escort them to a private, VIP lounge as they quickly facilitate customs clearance and check in. After refreshments, it’s a short, eight-minute drive to the hotel, referred to as “the estate.” At its heart is the grand, colonial-style Great House, the two-storey building that houses nine suites, the bar and library, and the main restaurant. Twenty one villas occupy the 9.6 hectare property, which includes a slate-tiled, saltwater Olympic-size pool that’s surrounded on one side by loungers, looking out over the white sand beach that meets with the aquamarine waters of the South China Sea. On some days, you could blink and think you’re in the Maldives. We visited during the week and were struck by the quiet and calm. At times, it felt like no one was there, even though the hotel had many guests. There’s also a feeling of simplicity, of not-a-heck-of-a-lot-to-do-here-but-that-suits-me-just-fine, which is enhanced by a glorious sluggishness brought on by the tropical heat. Staff keep the beach and grounds immaculately groomed, the gardens adorned with low key native plants and flowers. Upon arrival, guests pull up to the front entrance and walk past a gurgling fountain before entering the main lobby, which really feels like the lower level of a venerable old mansion of yesteryear. The best places to get to-die for first impression glances: from the Great House overlooking the veranda, pool, and beach. And from the beach looking back at the Great House by day and by night, when it’s lit up and glowing magically against the darkness of the sky.

The room

We stayed in a one bedroom villa that had a quaint, covered terrace and a grassed lawn that stretched to the beach. Inside, intricately designed black and white tiles lined the bathroom floor, upon which sat a deep, white clawfoot bathtub. Mirrors help give the space more light and make it feel even bigger. The bed sits on top of a rope rug and the walls are decorated with antique style prints and maps. The living space is comfortable, with a long couch and a TV that can be controlled by a tablet loaded with films. During turndown service, expect treats, usually in the form of delicious chocolate chip cookies. Plus, customized pillow and bath experiences are also available. Other rooms boast Southeast Asian influences, including the group of seven villas in the Thai-inspired “Lawan Village,” which are clustered around a lagoon.

The mini bar

Guests also have the option to customize the mini bar, although ours was fine as it was. Lots to choose from, including juices and Indonesian beer. In addition, there’s organic popcorn and Sanchaya’s own European chocolate (80% cocoa dark, Croquante Caramel, and Sea Salt Milk Chocolate).

Top suite

The best place to lay your head would be the Vanda villa, a two-storey house with pool and cozy guest cottage that feels removed from the rest of the estate and faces the ocean. This is the home-away-from-home Pavchinskaya dreamed up and then turned into a reality (and where she stays when she’s on the property). It’s like walking into a magazine or visiting the house of a friend who has exquisite taste, with all the details done to perfection, ornate without being too busy or over engineered. There are similar items on display that are found elsewhere at the hotel, along with added eye catching things such as a turquoise-coloured prints and pottery that pop out against white walls or furniture. Peaked ceilings make the space feel even more expansive and downstairs doors open wide, enhancing the indoor-outdoor living vibe. The upstairs veranda offers a view of the beach and the sea. The main building also has fully functioning kitchen facilities.


On my plate

We ate a number of meals at the open air Tasanee Grill, the hotel’s spin on Bangkok street food. Among the favourites were the crab cakes; the phad thai (warning: it’s small); and a pomelo-based salad with toasted coconut, crunchy water chestnut, and crispy tofu that comes with a tamarind dressing. During the day, we often ordered light bites by the pool (the smoked salmon wrap is a go-to selection) because we were never that hungry after the incredible breakfast, which offered the perfect balance between a la carte and buffet options. Plenty to choose from, but definitely try the yoghurt and granola with seared mango cheeks. This is probably one of my favourite breakfast items…ever. The variety of smoothie options are enjoyable, too, including the spinach with coconut milk. Make sure you flag down the “Jamu Gendong” lady, who visits tables offering shots of traditional Indonesian healthy drinks that blend local spices and root-tubers. It’s not all perfect, though. If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll want to be clear with your requests. Lattes and cappuccinos are weak. You may want to consider ordering double espressos with a side of hot milk.

I wish I could take home

Some of the wines from the wine cellar, Decanter, including the Dom Ruinart Champagne.

Spa life

The small spa sits off one of the paths, surrounded by a greenery and a garden where herbs and other plants are grown. It offers a variety of treatments, from a traditional aromatherapy massage to the “Sanchaya Signature,” a 90-minute odyssey involving Java volcanic stones. The therapists are quite capable, but with most treatments beginning with a foot cleansing ritual, the hotel should consider giving guests a better chair to relax in. You sit there feeling uncomfortable and looking around a cavernous room with mostly bare walls, a space that hasn’t been shown the attention to detail that has been showered on others. On my to-do list for when I return is the oxygen facial and the oxygen body treatment.

Stepping out

You don’t go to this kind of resort to leave it. But if you do venture out, there are a few things you can do, from wakeboarding and kayaking at Treasure Bay to flying an ultralight plane with the folks at Air Adventures Asia.


Insider tips

No need to worry about water quality or being overcharged for imported water. The Sanchaya purifies its own water, both sparkling and still, and puts it in glass bottles to avoid plastic bottle waste. The resort also composts food along with any organic matter collected during beach cleanups and landscaping. And while you may spend a lot of time poolside, you’ll want to make sure you’re there for 11am to enjoy frozen fruit delivery and 3pm for cocktail hour (mocktails also available).

Pet peeves

The level of English among staff members varies, sometimes leading to miscommunication. You’ll want to make sure you’re very clear with your requests, and in some cases have the staff repeat back what you’ve asked for. Perhaps management should consider using tablets so guests can make their orders and avoid what can sometimes feel like a game of broken telephone.

If only

…the hotel had set up some sort of scheme in which people could buy villas, use them for a few weeks a year, and then rent them out for the rest of the time to earn a modest return. I’m sure some investors in Singapore or elsewhere in Southeast Asia would have bought in.

The accolades

  • Among 50 “Top Resorts in Asia” in Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards (2017)
  • Condé Nast Traveler’s Hot List of Best New Hotels in the World (2015)
  • Travel + Leisure’s IT List for Best New Hotels Around the Globe (2015)
  • DestinAsian’s Luxe List (2015)

Where to find The Sanchaya Bintan

Ferries for Bintan depart from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, located at 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Road. Bintan Resort Ferries operates the ferry connection.